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Turn your readers into listeners with the most realistic text to speech app on the market

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Blakify is a Text-To-Speech app that turns any text into audio.

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Published 23 Apr 2021

There used to be a time when, if you heard someone talking to themselves in the street or on their commute to work, you'd steer well clear of them. These days you've gotta reckon that they are talking to their mums, their friends or their work colleagues. They either have headphones on or those strange little buds coming out of their ears that look like cigarettes. I swear that aliens would have a field day if we were ever invaded. But, of course, it's all part of the software revolution that's changing the way we live. Over the course of a very short time we've moved from reading books and newspapers to reading on our devices. The next big boom industry is having someone read it for us.

It's happening already of course. Audio books are having a massive revival, Alexa and Siri are guiding us through our daily lives and they even made a movie about Joaquín Phoenix falling in love with a voice in Her. So, it was inevitable that the technology industry would continue to improve to the point where you couldn't tell whether you were listening to a real voice or a robot. Here we have the evidence to prove that. Blakify is part of the next generation of text to speech apps with 65 languages and 400 voices in its roster. For bloggers, being able to listen rather than to simply read opens up a whole new area...