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Turn your readers into listeners with the most realistic text to speech app on the market

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Published 23 Apr 2021

[cont'd] of fans and encourages a new legion of subscribers to join up and listen while on the go. 

This new text-to-audio app turns any text into audio in seconds. Rather than forking out for voice actors to narrate your texts for audio books, podcasts, voice overs, blog posts, social media or video presentations, Blakify will do it in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost. Surely though, I can hear you saying, it will sound like a robot, won't it? Not any more it won't. Here you can utilize both the Standard Voices or the Neural Voices feature where you'll be hard pressed to pick that it isn't a real person speaking in their natural voice. 

Blakify will bring all your static content like training documents, e-books and PDF's to life immediately and this is particularly useful for long scripts. Why hire a voice over talent when this app will do the same job quicker and cheaper. Telemarketers are going to love this app because their scripts often change on a regular basis and a new playable audio file can be ready to upload to their IVR software in seconds. Text can be changed from one language to another too. Just paste in your article and the app will do the rest in the blink of an eye. 

Blakify updates its content regularly with new standard and natural voices being added to give you the...