Developer description

Blamp a most impressive app. The reason why it is impressive cuz it has all the features of all tool app combined. And the most impressive one is less power consumption of the app.

Yes Blamp utilizes less battery than any other app in the store.

It can also lock Gallery, Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, Contacts and more. Prevents unauthorized access and guard privacy, any app you want. Ensure your phone security with pattern.Not only that It cleans cache, junk files to make your mobile faster.

It is the best app which have all the features you need. It can lock unlimited number of photos and videos and protect it with a pattern lock. Not only that you can lock any app you want with a button tap. there are incredible feature like

cleaning ram
removing cache
photo cleaner
Ads junk files
Hide pictures/videos

Newly added features:-
Advanced cleaning
Ram booster
Battery saver
Notification cleaner

In case your phone is stolen/you lost it somewhere Blamp will send you the photo of the intruder and send it as an email with the location of your phone.

Last updated 12 Feb 2019

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