Developer description

Blank is the world's most minimal iPhone launcher. We made it to help people declutter their digital lives and regain their focus. Technology should empower us, not take away our attention.

✖️ How it works
Install Blank, add your most important apps, and put the widget on your home screen. The app is designed to be completely intuitive, and the widget can be installed in 60 seconds.

✖️ Why it works
Blank strips away sources of distraction, including badges and app icons. It also forces you to see 5 apps or less on your home screen (a la the KonMari decluttering method).

✖️ What
Blank helps iPhone users declutter the part of the phone that we see/use the most. The app was inspired by the digital minimalism movement and similar Android launchers (like Before launcher, Indistractable Launcher, and Blloc). The app is priced at $10 for a lifetime subscription, or $3.99/month after a free trial.

Last updated 5 Jul 2021

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