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The best designed Twitter app for android. I can bet on the design and smoothness of the app. You won't find a better designed Twitter app in Google Play Store. And about the simplicity of the app, you will love it.
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Not all users are satisfied with the way a tweet is displayed in a particular client. Keeping this in mind I have included 4 layouts 4 ways to display a tweet.
1. Full- Loads full sized multiple photos without any cropping. You won't need to open the photo to see it. Buttons for favorite, retweet, share, reply, share, mute. Do this all directly from the timeline.
2. Medium- Loads small sized multiple images and crops the images which don't fit the fixed height. Best for users wanting a compact display.
3. Thumbnail- Thumbnails of the images will be loaded. Very compact, data efficient.
4. Text Only- Loads only text no images not even profile pictures. Very very data efficient and compact.
* Color Themes- It has 7 color themes for now, I will be adding more.
* Gifs and videos supported.
* An overlaid Tweet Editor. Want to share a photo? You don't need to leave gallery any more. Tweet editor will open on top of the app from which you are sharing.
* Emojis- Everyone loves emojis. Now emojis are integrated all throughout the app. Flat awesome looking emojis supplied by Twitter itself. Over 850 emojis supported. You can tweet or DM emojis very easily now (from the supplied emoji keyboard).
* The search screen has all the searches at one place just swipes far. Search popular and recent tweets. Search users. Search home timeline. Your saved searches all at a single place.
* Auto-complete everywhere - Auto-complete for mentions, hashtags, trends, and recent searches.
* Full streaming of tweets supported.
* Conversations - Full conversation as a list. Displaying conversations can't be better.
* Muliple Twitter Accounts Just swipe from the edge to go to the next account. Switching accounts can't be simpler.
* Twitlonger and Twishort services are supported.

Last updated 19 May 2015

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