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Bleeker St is an amazing new way to try your favorite brands. You can check out who is hosting ... More

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Published 4 Dec 2019

You can look at as many photos or videos as you like when researching a product that you are interested in buying but there's nothing like a live demonstration to see how good it performs in real life. However, that's not always possible to achieve. Let's face it, you're not necessarily going to find the exact same camera that you are interested in on display at the local shop. Even if you do manage to find it and the retail assistant is happy to demonstrate it, you're still going to get a salesperson's take on how well it works and whether it is good value for money. The bottom line here is that they want to sell you the goods and will probably exaggerate its qualities a little. Well, here's a new app that can go some way to solving both those problems. 

Bleeker St - presumably named after the legendary entertainment street in New York City though it is spelled slightly differently - is a social commerce app for iOS that is a great way to test out your favorite brands wherever you are. The difference here is that, rather than having the salesperson in the shop extolling a product's virtues, the review that you get is an unbiased one from a previous purchaser of the product who happens to live in your local vicinity. This app shows you who will host the demo locally with no sales pitch and no hard...