Developer description

Blessapp is A New Social Network Experience - The first semi-anonymous app to provide a positive, a la carte approach to social connections.

Why you’ll love Blessapp:

Blessapp allows you to seek advice anonymously and find support from a community of identifiable allies. Comments are attached to public profiles to encourage positive dialogue.

Share your milestones and testimonies along the way so you feel liberated and inspire other Blessapp users in the process.

Chat it up! Make lasting connections with people who share a similar journey or just people who genuinely care!
Finally, Blessapp has a timeline that prioritizes your viewing pleasures over an algorithm. Yesss!

No fake "friends" here, we call them Connects! But first, Blessapp users must engage with each other’s content prior to requesting to connect.

Designed to help you reduce social anxiety while helping you to redirect your life purpose and make a difference in your social network.

Join the Blessapp community today and start making meaningful connections and lasting impacts!
Please remember to be positive :-)

Your Blessapp Team

Last updated 13 May 2019