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Available for both iOS and Android, Blindscape is a piece of experimental storytelling. It’s a game that takes place entirely through sound. The narrative is told from the point of view of a man in an authoritarian society who wants to escape his life by ending it.

I started Blindscape as an odd little art project. Although I hadn’t done any coding since high school, once the idea came to me, I decided to teach myself about app development as I went along. Apart from two lines of voiceover, I created every element in the app: the sound, the script, the narration, the audio, and the code.

I submitted Blindscape to Apple, and was caught completely by surprise when they featured the app at the top of two game categories. Within the first two weeks following release, Blindscape for iOS has gotten 15,000 downloads.

Blindscape features:
- 100% free
- Stunning Retina-ready HD graphics
- Up to ten minutes of gameplay
- Some guy talking at you
- No In-App Purchases, ratings nagging, or other interruptions
- No badges, achievements, or integration with gamecenter
- Makes you feel like a sophisticated patron of the arts
- A serious, emotionally involving plot line
- Look silly while you poke at the screen trying to find things

Last updated 29 May 2013

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