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blippr will change the way you discover, recommend, and organize media with your friends.

Discover: First and foremost, we want to help you discover new books, games, movies, and music you’ll like, love, maybe even want to marry. Besides coffee, it’s what gets us out of bed every morning. When you browse or search blippr, we’re all about letting you know really, really, really fast, what your social network says is worth reading, playing, seeing, buying, etc. The bigger your network, the more likely you’ll find tons of great new recommendations from the people you trust.
Recommend: Your friends want to discover new stuff they’ll like just as much as you do, and hey, let’s face it, we all like giving our opinions. That’s why we make it super duper fast and easy for you to recommend media to your social network.
Organize: Have you ever thought to yourself, “Gosh, it’s really annoying I can’t organize all the media I’ve encountered over my brief years on this little planet known as Earth…”? Us too! Don’t worry, though, there’s no reason to think that anymore. blippr lists give you a new, easy way to quickly organize all those books, video games, movies, music albums, songs, and (soon) TV you come across in life, whether you recommend it or not. There are two types of lists we offer to answer this dilemma.
Your Network: Just so we’re clear: blippr is not a replacement for social networking sites like Facebook or Myspace. We just want to enable you to discover, recommend and organize media within the context of your existing social network. Facebook. MySpace. Email. Instant messenger. You already have a social network built around you, both online and offline. When blippr’s closed beta is over, our social graph integration will enable you to do the exact same things you do on blippr—discover new recommendations, add your own ratings and reviews, organize your media, etc.—on the social networks where you already have friends and spend your time online. We can’t really do this until we’re 100% open, but keep an eye out for it—it’ll be here sooner than you know! If you’re the anti-social network type, though, fret not O reclusive one! You don’t need to use those networks to find friends on blippr. Following other users on blippr allows you to see their blips in your blipstream and discover more recommendations from that person.

Last updated 2 Dec 2011

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