Developer description

A simple free app to write any URLs on an NFC cards/tags in seconds. The URL will then instantly open on any NFC-enabled smartphones, in just one tap. The App supports NFC cards/tag with all the most popular NFC chips ntag213, ntag215, ntag216.

Create and save an unlimited list of URLs (your Website, Whatsapp, Contact vCard, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Linktree and many moreā€¦) and then pick and choose, on demand, anytime, anywhere, what you want to share, based on the context of your business or social encounter. Sometimes you just want to share your WhatsApp with someone, and some other time you might want to share your full Linktree profile. Now you can choose. It's called NFC on demand.

No need to add people to your contacts, no more hassle spelling names, social media usernames, phone numbers, or email addresses anymore.

NFC Digital Business cards are the smarter and more sustainable alternative to paper business cards. Did you know that 7 million trees get cut every year to produce business cards that are printed at a staggering rate of 27 million cards a day, and 88% of them are discarded in less than a week. Both the environmental harm and the missed opportunities are enormous.

Create your own NFC Digital Business Card today with BLK CARDS.

Last updated 3 Nov 2022

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