Developer description

The contraction of BLOB and BOX (blob•box) pronounced: blɒ:bɒks

It was a good day when our hero BomBoo was with his bride, and she wanted to tell him something but, suddenly BomBoo was taken away for testing by evil doctor Brainiac.

Help BomBoo in finding a wayout back to his bride, and find out what she wanted to tell him.



A UNIQUE gameplay never before seen on the appstore or any other store


Amazing creature design, easy to use interface and retina display supported

Music and Sound:

An outstanding original soundtrack made by the same sound artist who made the soundtracks for both cut the rope and tap the frog 2

Up to 75 challenging levels:

50 levels with adorable puzzle themes with hundreds of ways to complete each one.

Including 25 bonus levels:

The best levels ever with a new gameplay mode in each one.

BomBoo's BuBBle:

Use it to protect BomBoo if you are stuck on any level


Compete against your friends in 3 different leaderboards

Last updated 6 Aug 2015