Developer description

The BlocSide Wallet, available in the iTunes Store, is the core of the BlocSide digital platform and just the beginning of product releases within the company’s roadmap. The newest release on the app is our modernized game of Spot the Ball!

Users can now purchase MVP Tokens in-App with their debit cards, allowing for a frictionless transaction between their bank and the MVP token system. Users have the ability to send, receive and store their Token in the secure MVP environment.

Token holders will be able to utilize their MVP to:

- Play Spot the Ball
- Make charitable donations to Street Child United
- Participate in exclusive experiences
- Win unique merchandise they otherwise would not have the opportunity to access within the current system.

When you play Spot the Ball, you not only win MVP tokens, but you get them directly sent into your BlocSide wallet!

This means you can earn, receive, and store your MVP tokens, donate them directly to Street Child United, or hold onto them and use them as we release more products and prizes this month!

Last updated 13 Oct 2018

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