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Call on Bluee for the chepest prices and best voice quality for international calls

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Bluee is a free iOS and Android app for International Calls and SMS.

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Published 18 Mar 2016

Let's face it, everyone loves cheap phone calls, don't they? Even more so if you are traveling overseas where a call back home could potentially cost you a small fortune.  Of course, there are a squillion apps out there that offer 'the best deal in town.' Viber, HiTalk and WePhone all offer great deals but each has it's problems. With some,  it is poor sound quality with no texting option available and with others, their prices are not quite as cheap as you think they should be. Bluee Free International Calls is a new free phone app for Android and iPhone that offers the lowest rates on the market for international calls and SMS as well as crystal clear voice quality with no lag.

Whether you are traveling around the world or have friends and family living abroad, Bluee is the 'go-to' app to make quick and cheap international calls to your loved ones. This easy-to-use, convenient and reliable app allows you to make app-to-phone calls to both landlines and mobiles without having to worry about poor connections or poor sound. After installation, all you need to do is to input the phone number and authorize it to go. Your phone number is your ID and Bluee syncs directly to your mobile contact list automatically.

There are two options you can use when you want to make a call. Data Call will use an Internet connection (mobile data or WiFi) to connect you to your number worldwide...