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Published 13 Sep 2011

There's a bit of the entrepreneurial spirit in many of us. Wouldn't it be great if there was a site for Internet marketers and their related guides and resources where you could go and see what is on offer. Well Blueprint Mint is that place. As the name suggests, it is an online marketing tool that will give you some good guidelines to how to make money online and the products that are available.

Blueprint Mint is a fast, simple and fun online marketing tool and marketplace that helps you quickly see the products that might interest you via it's powerful search tool. All the products are reviewed by real people like yourselves rather than company hypesters giving you a much better idea of it's true worth and potential. While you are there you can also list your own products or Website Optimizers for others to consider. You could even give a new lease of life to older products by featuring them too. Blueprint Mint is currently free - you simply create a product and add your own Paypal link for payments. 

In these difficult financial times even the entrepreneur could do with a bit of help. Blueprint Mint is a very clean and fast marketplace tool that seems to work pretty well. At the moment it's free but there is a suggestion of a commission based concept when the site develops further. It seems to have a pretty limited market but it can only get better.

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