Developer description

Get ready for a super flight to help Blumpers escape from the bottom of an underground cave, this super game runner accompanying the same line of the great successes of style.

Blumpers has what you need:

- Graphics cartoon with beautiful parallax scenario
- Equip your character to go farther and farther away
- Take fuels along the way
- Make combos with coins to increase your score
- Use incredible Powerups along the way to increase the fun and go further
- Escape the dangers of the cave
- Realize missions and climb level

On a distant planet an alien race called Blumpers lives at the bottom of an underground cavern, until one day they find a way out of the darkness where they live.

A Blumper scientist then builds an amazing machine capable of lifting a super flight for Blumper.

This Blumper then begins a journey through super fissure cave in search of the exit. Your mission is to make it get as far as possible.

For that you can count on equipment and super Powerups along the way to escape the dangers of the cave.

The fun is about to begin!

Last updated 11 Feb 2014