Developer description

Blur your photo and share it easily! Do you like to comunicate with photos? Are you tired of the usual boring apps? Then BlurryMe is exactly what you are looking for! BlurryMe is the best and coolest way to trigger the curiosity of those around you! You can take a picture and show it to whoever you want!
Upload a photo, choose the level of blur you want and upload it. Wait for the request you will receive through the ShowMe button. Reveal yourself to who you want, whenever you want, you hold the magic wand in your hands! Look for a photo that intrigues you and touch the ShowMe button to ask to see it. Rotate the magic wand over all the photos you want to discover. Have you received answers to your ShowMe requests?
Hold on, it's not over yet! You could give to the photos the mood it inspires. This function gives an idea of what the blurred photo hides.
With BlurryMe you can also:
- Fool and mess around with your friends
- Organize a party and keep the location secret until you accept the ShowMe requests
- Prepare something special to surprise a loved one
- Plan the launch of a new product and decide when to reveal it
- Protect your photos and show them to whoever you want
- Ok, enough, we can't tell you everything!!! :)
A new blurred social network, a new reason to take a photo. Play with your friends, blur your photo, surprise them and surprise yourself!

Last updated 18 Apr 2015