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Published 9 Apr 2013

First up, let's just say that this social media based application just! But what does it do? Well, the name is a good indication. Blurtopia that is designed to give you possible answers to the questions you want to ask via your social friends. They are the sort of questions you 'blurt' out to your friends when you are out socializing or maybe you just want someone's opinion of a situation you've been mulling over. You could be trying to find the answer to world peace or whether your local team will win today. It really doesn't matter if it draws a response.
Blurtopia is a place where you can explore life’s questions and maybe get a few answers while being fairly social at the same time. It is a community marketplace for life’s little questions. Blurtopia helps you to make life’s little decisions. And, while you may have a pretty good track record are at making decisions on your own, it doesn't hurt to get a few opinions from the people around you to help you make the right one. But let's not get all serious here. Life can be more fun and meaningful when those questions (we call them “Blurts”) are shared with others. Everybody has questions on their mind they want to discuss whether it be things like choosing between Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo shoes or whether putting cheese on rice is morally acceptable. Or maybe you...