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Published 9 Apr 2013

[cont'd] want to know whether your friends think that the Cardinals will get up today or not (they did, by the way.) With Blurtopia, exploring those little questions is as easy as “blurting” them out to the world. Users can “blurt” using “Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down”, “Rate 1-5” and “This or That” and those "blurts" get answered quickly by other users through a simple, fun and addictive user interface.
The main reasons that people are going to like and use Blurtopia is because it looks rather cool on their mobile and it’s quite a lot of fun. But it can have some rather interesting uses too. One of the toughest things is the decision of what to eat tonight. With this app, you can put it out there and see what your friends come up with. On the other hand you could be trying to think of a birthday or wedding gift for a friend. Blurt it out here and see what ideas float back. It could turn into a very useful think tank for ideas. Blurtopia is an entertaining and easy to use app that can be used for research, to get social and chat or just to see what the world is thinking. It's a great little distraction.