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A great new free trivia quiz game where you search for the wrong answers

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Published 15 Jul 2021

[cont'd] whereas a quiz on a subject that everyone is familiar with could be better to play as quickly as possible. The bottom line, however, is that the winner will more than often be the person that manages to combine the two methods. 

There are 200 different categories available to choose from with each category containing 150 different questions on the given subject. There are also a number of  'super-categories' containing 1000 tricky questions that you can challenge your opponents with. Where it gets really interesting is when you challenge your mum or dad to a game. Maybe they will choose something they know a fair bit about like politics or history but then you can return fire by choosing a quiz on rap or hip hop (or Britney Spears, if it comes to that) to even up the contest. Now, I'm not saying that these categories are in there necessarily but I'm sure that you know what I mean. 

bobbi QUIZ is an action-packed trivia quiz unlike any other. Whether, you are just playing the game for the fun of it or going for a spot on the leaderboard, every competitor will get a running total of the points they've scored. The game itself runs fast and smooth and looks quite handsome too but overall, it's designed purely for fun. However, it'll also stimulate your brain along the way as well as expanding your knowledge base with every game being...