Developer description

Bolt is the next generation in instant messaging.

A realtime app that allows you to see what the other person is typing as they are typing it, Bolt turns texting into a live conversation. While apps like whatsapp, viber and iMessage deliver messages to your phone instantly once they are sent, none of them are truly instantaneous.

Bolt invites you into a new era of interactivity. No more waiting around while texts are being composed, edited, deleted and changed. No more never-ending ellipses, or that annoying "...typing" pop-up. With Bolt, you can jump freely into the character-by-character text stream whenever you get that flash of inspiration. Bolt lets you interrupt, agree, contradict. Laugh at those hilarious typos as they unfold. Get to the point quicker. Feel like the person you're texting with is right there, in the room with you. Make your texting more intimate, and more efficient. Watch your chats come alive.

The app is smooth, with an optional cool half-in-half-out screen, allowing you to stay in one conversation whilst simultaneously seeing what others are messaging you letter-by-letter. Registration takes place in a matter of seconds. Once a phone number is verified by SMS, the app scans the Bolt database for your contacts and connects you with anyone on your address book on Bolt. The app has already met with a positive response from in its successful beta trial and is poised for wider release.

Invite your family, friends and frenemies. Join the #BoltRevolt.

Last updated 4 Jan 2016

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