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Bontq is an online bug and issue tracking system. Track tasks for your projects with web based ... More

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Published 14 Apr 2011

Bontq is an amazing bug tracking software that is extremely user friendly.  They offer a 30 day trial with unlimited users and projects, and even include their desktop client in the trial.  Their desktop client uses Java and gives you the ability to take screenshots and videos with a single mouse click.  It hovers semi-transparently on your monitor as a little box with pictures of a camera, video camera, and a file folder (for the project browser, where you can add bugs and feature requests from your desktop) or can be sent to the taskbar. It is available to download from the right side of all pages on your account. 


So, when you log into your Bontq account you land on your dashboard, which displays all activity, like projects, bugs, test cases, etc. that have been added.  Adding projects, bugs, and everything else is as easy as you could want it to be in an issue tracking software… just click ‘Add New’ at the top of any page and you get a drop-down menu where you can choose from several options like Project, Test Case, Bug, Wiki Document, or Feature Request.  When you add anything  (like a bug) you can either choose to save it, which in the case of a bug report puts you on the Tracking tab, or you can ‘Save and Repeat’ which will save it and then load the 'add bug' page again, which comes in handy...