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Bookappo is an online appointment scheduling software for businesses of any size aiming to bring ... More

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Published 2 Jul 2012

One of the things that sets a good business apart from a great one is the organizational skills that they display. You may have the best product in the world but, if your management is not up to the level of others, your business will suffer. People don't like dealing with organizations that are not up to scratch. Your customer's first real contact with you is via the initial appointment and if you can't get that together then you may well be on a downward slide before you start. Bookappo is an online appointment booking application for businesses of all sizes that keeps everyone, including your clients, on the same page when it comes to meetings and managing your day's events.
Bookappo is a real time online appointment scheduling software for businesses of any size aiming to bring a fresh air into their business management that let's clients book their own appointments 24/7. This feature rich web-application doesnt require any download is quick and easily accessible. Clients can book appointments on Facebook, through a website BookNow button or via their Android, iPhone or iPad mobile devices. Other important features are a clearly organized calendar, customizable email reminders, customizable booking forms, drag&drop appointment rescheduling, staff grouping, color coded services, client appointment history and many other useful features. Manage your and your staff schedules and see them all at once in the one place. Track the appointment history and be in charge of your schedule. Customize your booking form and get the right information from your clients. Set the scheduler to fit exactly your needs.  Bookappo’s ongoing quest for a complete, customizable and feature-rich product continues with the introduction of appointment reminder customization. This handy feature allows you to customize all email appointment reminder templates. Bookappo offers a month long free trial and support blog with the latest updates, news, videos and tutorials.
It will take a bit of getting used to. Before now it was more of a case of clients calling you to set up an appointment and trying to sort out a mutually agreeable time to meet. Here, your client can choose their own time to meet you after perusing your schedule putting everyone on the same page. Bookappo is especially suitable for hairdressers, therapists, doctors, dentists and therapists who take appointments day in day out. Clients can book their appointments whether it is 3am or 3pm any day of the week and fill up your appointment book without you having to lift a finger. In these difficult times it may well be a cost effective way and mean you can dispense with a staff member. It certainly means you won't get pulled away from a client with a customer just wanting to book an appointment.

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