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Published 31 Aug 2011

Ever wanted to open your own bookshop? Well those days are well and truly over it seems. Everything's online these days. You can, however, open your own online book club with Bookclubit and connect with online friends with similar literary interests. You can even invite your own friends to join you. It's simple to navigate and heaps of fun.

The fun part is inviting friends to join and creating meetings and polls on favorite (and least liked books.) Being the potential literary megalomaniac, the user can create their own profile and avatar and get down to the serious business of connecting and inviting friends. You can even decide who joins the club and what books should be read by your group. Just think, you can tell them never to read another James Patterson novel while they are in the book club. Think of the power you could exert. 

The best thing about Bookclubit is the interraction between friends, old ones and new ones and the discussions that a good book definitely invokes. I can see a lot of people will love this online book club for it's simplicity, it's true clubbiness and it's genuine sense of fun. Not to mention it's leaning towards literary megalomania. 

There's only one rule in Bookclubit. Talk about it.

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