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Published 6 May 2013

Back in the days of paper books, researchers and serious book readers would always need a note pad handy to jot down relevant and important moments within the text so that it was simple to find those passages again later. Either that or there would be tiny scrawled hand written notes in the margins of the book itself. It used to be quite exciting to buy a second hand book and have someone's detailed notes explaining certain moments and drawing attention to other significant passages. In the 21st century and with the popularity of the eBook at an all time high we have taken on a much neater and more efficient way of note taking. And now you can even do it - without typing a word - with the help of the Siri. Booke is a book publishing application for iOS that gives you the best ebook features as well as voice command to keep notes and annotate important sections for easy find later.
Booke is a smartphone companion for that is designed for the heavy research reader which helps capture, keep and share all the important moments of your 'real-book' reading experience. But the big difference between many other similar apps is that this one lets you read real books and have full access to the best features of ebook but with the added bonus of voice command. The app uses the brilliant Siri voice command system while  you can search, copy, add and share your content in paper book just like with ebook. It really is as easy as saying: "Booke, page 1, paragraph 2, copy please" and your passage will be waiting for you in your favorite application. Thanks to Booke you won't forget any of the important passages that you have read and the all important excerpts of your favorite books and publications will be safely stored for you. You will also have access to any of your friends' footnotes to the books. This way you can read Amy's biography with Jack's footnotes. Booke is fantastic for people who read a large amount of publications as the essential element of their personal and professional lifestyle with the target group including managers, engineers, scientists, reviewers and other professionals. If you love real books, you will really love Booke as it turns into your reading companion.
While Booke is brilliant for the research reader it also becomes a great companion for all  avid readers. It enables you to find specific passages in the books that you read where you can simply offer a voice command to annotate a page and find it easily later. This easy to use and very convenient app also means that you will never forget where you read something ever again. You can just quote the section that you are looking for and Booke will find it for you in a second or two. If you are in a work or study situation and several people have made comments on the text you can access all those too. Finally, the developers will give half of the profit from every added book to charitable organizations whose purpose is environmental protection - especially those dealing with reuse, waste reduction and recycling. Booke is an excellent iPhone, iPad and iPod touch book app that, once you have started using it, you will never want to give up. This one is mine. Hands off!

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