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BookPeeker is a simple tool that gives you a unique view of books released today. Minimalistic, ... More

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Published 11 Oct 2011

Do you find it hard to keep up with all the books that are released these days? You used to be able to walk into your local bookstore and pick up a 'what's new' pamphlet but the humble and much-loved bookshop is beginning to become a thing of the past. Then there's the online releases too, of course. So where do you find out about all the latest book releases?  BookPeeper is a simple book shopping tool that details all the books, whether online or on paper, that are released today.
BookPeeper is a simple shopping tool that gives you a unique view of books released today. Minimalistic, without the cruft of the usual online bookstore designs, it allows you to quickly get an overview of today’s book releases. Its engine collects data from the massive online marketplace and you will find everything ranging from brand new books by new and unaffirmed writers to refreshed releases of older titles. If you are looking to buy something new and unexpected you can scroll through the listings. New book suggestions await you every day. Just click the attractive cover of the book you are interested in for a full synopsis. Very convenient.

BookPeeker is in it's early days and will undoubtedly improve with age. The basic consequence has got to be great for the avid book reader. Not only are we all busier than ever these days but there are more books, more kindles and more titles than ever before it seems. You just have to know that they are around and where to get them. BookPeeker is a simple and classic looking site that's easy to navigate. Anything to help the ailing book industry is fine with me.

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