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Turn your Instagram photos into real-life, coffee-table books

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Whether it’s your child’s second birthday or your morning cappuccino, Instagram has become a ... More

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Published 26 Apr 2014

Some people are immensely proud of their Instagram photos - and rightly so. They can be spread the length and breadth of the Internet and shared via your favorite social networks. But are they just spur of the moment event that is merely discarded when your feed disappears from view or are they a lasting memory of your life? In reality, they are the latter and actually document our everyday lives. So, how about turning those pictures into a real, coffee table book so all those memories are captured forever? BooksTo.Me is a new photo application that turns your precious Instagram photos into a beautifully bound book that is delivered to your door every month.
Photos have never been easier to share thanks to Instagram and now albums have never been easier to make thanks to BooksTo.Me. Whether it’s a record of your child’s birthday celebrations or the documenting of your favorite dining experiences, Instagram has become a place where we record all the elements of our everyday life. BooksTo.Me takes these memories and makes them permanent in a beautifully bound and automatically made book and delivers it to your home every month. This subscription service - available on a monthly or quarterly basis - automatically pulls your Instagram photos from that period and lays-out and prints them in a hardbound photobook, which is shipped to you free of charge in the US. The books contain all the images you posted during that month - or every three months if you chose the quarterly plan - and there's no limit or extra charge for the number of images. If there are photos that you'd rather not have appear in your book, you can omit them easily by tagging them with #noBTM. After you've signed up, all you need to do is to continue to post photos on Instagram the way you normally do and BooksTo.Me does the rest. Your subscription brings your memories out of the cloud and into your home so grab a loved one, look back at the past month and enjoy!
You know what they say? A picture tells a thousand words and every picture tells a story. That's never been truer than since the Instagram revolution first exploded onto the scene a few years ago. For many, it manages to document every aspect of our daily life in a way that nothing else has done since the days of the daily diary. BooksTo.Me turns your everyday Instagram photos into a real, high quality, bound book that holds those memories forever. The app is so easy to use and the only requirement for you is to sign up and keep taking and posting Instagram photos. At US$24 per month or US$44 per quarter, it is the perfect present for friends or family or to keep a record of what you get up to day-in, day-out.

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