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Published 15 Sep 2015

Well, September is here again and that means that it's the beginning of a new school year in the US. Its probably time to ask yourself how you went last year and if there were areas where you struggled. Did your grades live up to expectations or are there changes that you could make that might turn around any academic or organizational weaknesses that have dragged down your grades? Teachers love to see their students putting in effort of their own to improve their grades and, more often than not, a private tutor is the best way to achieve that. Apart from anything else, teachers are much more likely to round up a student's grades if they see a committed but struggling student find ways to improve and that can be the difference between a mediocre and a great grade.

There are plenty of learning apps out there that will help you to better organize and focus your academic life but the addition of a real, live tutor could well be the thing to improve your grades more than anything else. Your options could be to check out the noticeboards or local newspapers and hunt up a tutor - or you could use a localized educational app like Book&Table to find the perfect person to guide you through the year. This app for iOS and Android connects students with tutors in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wyoming and offers a bevy of available tutors to improve your grades.

Book&Table is a marketplace that connects students - from kindergarten to year 12 - with professional tutors for face-to-face or online lessons. It can also be of great benefit to university students and working professionals. The app connects students with teachers, graduate students and working professionals who specialize in all subjects from math and languages to web design and architecture - and everything in between. Tutors use the app to earn money as an independent contractor and get paid by direct deposit after completing each lesson. They pay no commission to the developers and can connect with other tutors on the platform to earn cash through client referrals. The company also provides live events for its users, creating an offline presence for its community of educators, students, and parents.

Students can contact a tutor through their profile on Book&Table. From there, tutors will call you back to introduce themselves and learn more about you. At this point, you can confirm the learning objectives, select the most convenient time and the location for and agree on a fee. Lessons are prepared by the tutor but paid for by the student prior to the lesson. You can either meet your tutor in-person or agree to have online contact and, after the lesson has concluded, your tutor will send you feedback providing helpful tips on how to continue improvement. Tutors can also build a solid team of professionals around them by using the 'team' feature to find and add referrals to other tutors - supplementing their earnings even more.

Book&Table is a great way of tutoring. It's great for students because they can cherry pick from an array of tutors and it's great for tutors to earn a little extra on the side. Tutors set their own fees, do not pay membership or commission fees and always remain in control of all their own affairs. Book&Table simply charges clients that are connected through the app a 12% service fee on top of your rate. The app uses an automated system that rewards your profile with points for completing bookings and referring clients to other tutors as well as when you inviting other friends to join. This points system automatically ranks tutors - determining the order in which they are showcased on the 'available tutors' page where students can cherry pick the right person to guide them through the school year. Oh, and one last thing... If you are worried about the quality of tutoring available, you can be assured that tutors are drawn from teachers, professors and working professionals and have at least two years experience. They have also all received a minimum of two references and have passed a Checkr background check.

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