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Published 15 Sep 2015

Well, September is here again and that means that it's the beginning of a new school year in the US. Its probably time to ask yourself how you went last year and if there were areas where you struggled. Did your grades live up to expectations or are there changes that you could make that might turn around any academic or organizational weaknesses that have dragged down your grades? Teachers love to see their students putting in effort of their own to improve their grades and, more often than not, a private tutor is the best way to achieve that. Apart from anything else, teachers are much more likely to round up a student's grades if they see a committed but struggling student find ways to improve and that can be the difference between a mediocre and a great grade.

There are plenty of learning apps out there that will help you to better organize and focus your academic life but the addition of a real, live tutor could well be the thing to improve your grades more than anything else. Your options could be to check out the noticeboards or local newspapers and hunt up a tutor - or you could use a localized educational app like Book&Table to find the perfect person to guide you through the year. This app for iOS and Android connects students with tutors in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wyoming and offers a bevy of...