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Developer description

Boom Ball is a classic puzzle in the popular match three genre. However, in contrast to boring puzzles of this genre, game is created in full 3D, no dull flat backgrounds changing from level to level. A colorful world awaits for you where you must complete familiar tasks with unknown methods!

The classic game mechanics is now in three-dimensional format! The game introduces the third dimension where familiar walkthrough does not work. You will need to develop a unique walkthrough tactics for each level. Uniform mechanical actions of 2D puzzles will not help you.

You must complete 30 levels of the game with ever-increasing walkthrough difficulty. Size of the levels increases together with the difficulty. The higher level is, the more difficult tactics of the victory should be used.

Now you must control your ball to get to the enemy line and match three in a row. You can control the movement of your ball by pressing the sides of the screen and buttons. However, if you want more extreme – select controls using device tilting, and may the good spirits help you.

Moreover, new challenges await for you, and you will need to develop a unique tactic to walk through each level because diversity of the levels does not allow doing the same actions as in classic games. To reach the first line of balls, you must use narrow bridges, trampolines and teleports, dodge from scorching sparks and flames, evade black balls and incinerating magma, and of course not to fall down from game platforms.

New features await for you along with new challenges. Receive coins for each destroyed ball, enter the store and increase your parameters to walk through difficult levels. Does your ball dodge too slowly? Increase the turning speed. Cannot catch the balls? Increase speed and acceleration. Moving through obstacles takes too many lives? Just buy additional lives and go ahead!

Last updated 29 Mar 2016