Developer description

Boombox was created during the pandemic as a way to help keep social connections alive, and revive the essential elements of community, taste, context and passion in the music appreciation. The Boombox Music League makes music listening a fun, social and engaged experience.

Boombox game-play turns passive music consumption into active enjoyment, through friendly competitions made up of weekly matches. Think of it like a combination between a music version of a fantasy sports league and collaborative playlist creation. Each week, players submit songs they think best match a themed playlist and would be most enjoyed by the other players. Players vote on the submissions – awarding “up votes” and “down votes” to each song suggestion. Whoever gets the most votes wins. The end result is a themed playlist that can be enjoyed by all.

The Boombox Music League APP is available for FREE in the Apple and Google Play Stores.

Last updated 12 Mar 2021