Developer description

Boonle flips the freelancing paradigm completely upside down by encouraging an all new client-vendor relationship. Traditionally, clients have a project and seek out a contractor or freelancer based on their portfolio, skill set, and experience. However, the market has become so saturated that it is more difficult than ever before for these freelancers to break into the industry and thrive. Boonle's unique business model creates an unbiased online environment where clients can post projects that any freelancer, regardless of their qualifications, can complete on a first come, first-serve basis in exchange for experience, reviews, and a small monetary compensation from the client. Clients or "Project Authors", have no say in which freelancer does the work because they are asking for a favor (free work). Freelancers or "Producers" are incentivized to do this free work in exchange for an enhanced portfolio, skill set, and reputation which makes them more desirable to potential employers or larger clients.

Last updated 24 Jan 2015

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