Developer description

Take your productivity to the next level with Boost Notes. Boost Note can take notes with Markdown. Boost Note is a markdown editor used by programmers all over the world.Boost Note is the world's leading open source community with more than 600,000 users worldwide.


・ Sophisticated mobile application
・ Cloud synchronization function between devices
・ Provision of Git-like file system using CouchDB and PouchDB
・ Highlight code syntax in more than 100 languages
・ More than 150 syntax highlights
・ Multiple color themes
・ To a more customizable editor
・ Sophisticated UI / UX
The fun after using!

We had a desktop version of the application. With this release, you can now use Boost Note from your smartphone. we have added a cloud synchronization function between devices to improve user convenience. Boost Note has taken over the good points of Boostnote and made it more convenient.

We really want to be a memo application to empower programmers worldwide.

Break the common sense of your memo and markdown editor and take you to the next level of developer.

Last updated 30 Mar 2020

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