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Published 16 Feb 2017

There used to be a time when showing photos to friends was a real event. It probably began way back in the day with slide nights. After a holiday away, folks would invite their friends around to view the photos from the trip that were projected onto the lounge room wall. When that fad slowed down, it was all about picking up packets of photos from the photo shop and buying a display book to put them in. It really was quite exciting to pick them up and show them to your family and friends. These days, every man and his dog has a camera on their smart phone and it's easy to share photos and videos 'one by one' on your favorite social network. However, while it may be convenient, it's hardly dynamic and it's not easy to tell the story that accompanies them.

Booxie is a new app for iOS that makes it simple to turn your treasured photos and videos into flowing multimedia stories that can be shared with ease...and to much greater effect. Rather than presenting your personal media as individual and disconnected items, Booxie lets you display them on a multi page canvas using an intuitive suite of design tools that anyone can use with ease. It transforms your photos, videos and graphics into imaginative digital stories that can be shared socially or turned into printed booklets - whether it be for the coffee table at home or as a gift to a loved one.

This social photo and video app revolutionizes the way you show and share your visual stories by giving you unlimited options in sharing images, videos, drawings, filters and stickers - just about anything really. Once you've created your own digital masterpiece you can share it online publicly or privately through groups that you create and control or through your favorite social network or email. You can even choose to have it printed as a professional looking mini photo book. What better present is there for a loved family member or friend than a personalized photo book? Alternatively, you can keep it for yourself and have a pictorial record of those precious memories of a child growing up or a fabulous vacation.

Creating your Booxie is fun as well being easy. You can choose from a huge array of styles and layouts and personalize it with any number of embellishments. There are a collection of unique backgrounds, stickers, filters and frames to choose from and, apart from the aforementioned videos and photos, you can also add audio and text to your creation to make it truly unique. The app is free to download and use - the only money you might need to fork out is if you decide to invest in the mini book printing.

Booxie is a true storytelling app for the digital age. It was developed by noted Hollywood photographers David Alexander and James Sorenson as well as long time entertainment executive Ray Slay with former Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney executive Dennis Maguire installed as Chief Operating Officer so you know that it has great credentials. The developers came to realize that people these days have become rather dissatisfied with the concept of the single shot photo in order to get their story across and are looking for a much deeper connection. Booxie is available to download on the App Store in the US for your iPhone and iPad with additional platforms coming soon.

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