Developer description

Blow off steam and get energized with this refreshing office game where you smash bosses with your fingers.

The theme is the need to keep a healthy balance between tracking the work and doing the work - by limiting the tracking to a minimum.

You score points by smacking, slashing or dropping weights on office characters that walk around on the screen carrying spreadsheets. These are the bosses.

In all modes it is you against the bosses carrying green spreadsheets. Don't let them get out of the screen or reach the blue clouds.

In most modes you should not hurt the red-colored bosses, they are sometimes good and sometimes so angry and dangerous that if you hurt them you lose lives.

In the Classic mode bosses come through doors situated in different parts of the scree and try to get out of the screen. Tap on them with your finger to stop them. Some need multiple taps to die.

In the Arcade mode bosses come from the left of the screen and try to reach the blue clouds on the right. Tap on them to kill them.

In the Weight mode you throw a metal box on the bosses to stop them.

In the Slasher mode you can slash them like a ninja by making a "slash" or "swipe" gesture on the screen with your finger.

In the Defense mode you lead a Soldier boss to defend the office from all other bosses. In this mode you can shoot at them!

The Infinity and Endurance modes are training modes in which you can perfect your game skills.

There is a Free Trial version that lets you play in all modes with all features until a certain score, then asks you to buy the Full Version to be able to play without limits.

Last updated 22 Feb 2018