Developer description

Botana helps cannabis growers to keep track of their gardens, take beautiful photos and share with other growers. As you log your daily activity, Botana gives insights on how to improve yield, quality and efficiency. It’s free to use, anonymous and secure.

Botana is the first collaboration and insight platform for cannabis. We give growers powerful tools to improve results, increase team size and scale operations. We aggregate cannabis production data to provide insights for the entire industry. Our deep cannabis industry network and first-in-class development team are uniquely poised to become the most essential platform to the industry.

Botana will be THE place for cannabis producers to collaborate with their teams, showcase their work, and discover new opportunities. Botana will integrate with third-party sensors and applications to increase productivity and profits. Machine-learning will give growers precision recommendations to improve their operation. Growers will need Botana to remain competitive in the coming regulated market.

Last updated 5 May 2017

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