Developer description

Hi All,

Please take a look at my free time killing app Bounce-E

The Aim:
Bounce-E is a side scrolling arcade game, you play as Bounce-E himself and once the player touches the platforms they change colour, changing colour of the platform then awards points, once all platforms in each level have been changed to that colour you advance to the next level.

This eventually will allow us to use colours to differentiate platforms, all platforms start off standard the colour to change at the moment is Green, but in the future we will be adding in another colour, this will then mean that the play has to get the platform from standard to Green but the platform may not change that colour at first, again this is dependant on how well the game does :).

Info on App:
Bounce-E is a great time killer game for those really boring journeys you may be stuck on, this game is completely free to play but of course ads have been added along with the option to remove them for one small fee, this fee is also including a new game mode to unlock so two items for the price of one!.

Bounce-E is not very different from all the time killers out there in which i mean they are good fun to kill some time, however the reason Bounce-E is so different is it's amazing art style, fun characters and funny sound effects. Bounce-E is easily played not even needing a tutorial to explain how to play it so you can just jump right in, so far even 2 year old's have played it (mainly because the funny sound when the player is falling).

Bounce-E has a-lot! of additional content that i have currently in mind including animations more sound effects and even 400+ new levels each 100 levels will have there own them!, due to budget at the time this is not possible but hopefully, if people enjoy the game enough that will change!.

Bounce-E uses the Google Play Services allowed players to compete with scores easily with friends or check the all time scores daily, weekly or monthly!

Bounce-E currently has 100 levels that get harder the further you get, for example once you get past a certain level the camera will follow the players movement allowing for longer harder levels, this also has allowed us to make the levels change direction meaning you may be going up one level but down the next maybe even left or right, or even around in a circle!!.

Hope you enjoy!

Last updated 11 May 2017

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