Developer description

Connect your car to your life with Bouncie and discover the power of insightful driving. Bouncie upgrades any car (1996 or newer) into a fully connected car that provides an unparalleled experience. When you open the app you'll immediately see in-progress location and trip information and our geo-circles feature will let you know when a vehicle enters or leaves an area.

Setup custom vehicle alerts to notify you of excessive speed, hard braking, acceleration or engine idle time. Each trip with Bouncie can be viewed on color coded maps showing what speeds were driven during a trip and where any alerts were triggered.

Bouncie constantly reads data from your engine's computer and identifies minor issues before they become major headaches. All of this can be accessed from our app, web experience or connected home devices. Simply ask Alexa or Google Home Assistant to access Bouncie and get location, mileage, and renewal information from any room in the house.

Last updated 12 Jul 2018

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