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BounzD is an interactive widget for web and mobile, which identifies your potential customers in ... More

Editor's review

Published 17 Sep 2011

You want to do anything you can to get your customers to communicate with you. So how about if you could find a way of letting your web visitors call you for free? When you integrate the business VoIP wizard Boundz into your webpage it searches and analyzes your potential customer's needs and enables them to call you without shelling out any money. It can even be diverted to your landline if you desire.

Boundz uses the iBoundz platform to determine if your customer is a likely buyer. The interactive widget for web and mobile is integrated into your webpage and immediately can be put to work analyzing your customers needs and decoding your customers' online buying behavior. It can even trace their geographical location for potential specific location advertising. No downloads are required for their free call in response and you can choose whether the calls are forwarded to your landline, GTalk/Skype or mobile.

You could go out and hire a high street company to do the work that Boundz will do for you but it would cost you a lot more and you wouldn't be able to do it at anytime of the day or night as you can here. The three tier payment plans give you enough flexibility to choose the level of customer interraction you need. The analysis is clear and precise and you can even design your own widget if you like. Boundz gets two thumbs up from me.

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