Developer description

Bow ties are a passion of ours, and our name Bow SelecTie was inspired by the hit UK show, Bo' Selecta! This show is everything pop culture, and it also has some great humor. What better way to be inspired for our line of bow ties than this show (minus the perverted teddy bear)?

Each and every one of our ties has been created using some of the best materials. We love what we do and our ties are fashioned in such a way that it allows people to show off their personality in what they wear.

Our ties are highly rated in the fashion world already, and we’re always coming out with new designs. It is important to focus on quality – and that is what we have done.

At Bow SelecTie, we love our humor, we love our bow ties, and we love our customers!

Last updated 19 Apr 2016

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