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Boxrockit is a social commerce application that allows users to sell digital products on ... More

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Published 27 Oct 2011

While Facebook users have begun to realize that there is great way of advertising through the social network the same isn't really the same with Twitter. Up till now, that is. Boxrockit is a very simple Twitter ecommerce tool that allows creative users to market, sell and track their digitally downloadable products on Twitter and schedule their advertising tweets to best effect.
Boxrockit is a social commerce application that allows users to sell digital products on Twitter. It allows creatives and other digital nomads to sell eBooks, videos, digital art, photography, fonts, software and other downloadable products simply and effectively. It gives users a way to use a single channel to engage, inform, share, market and sell to their customers.
Boxrockit is best suited to musicians, designers, developers, writers, bloggers and those planning on growing a group of raving fans that are also repeat customers. Boxrockit allows you to sell your music, code, tutorials or icon sets very simply while helping you to promote via your product tweets. Its a simple and easy process. Just sign in with your Twitter account upload your product photo, description and price and you can manage all your products from a single product management page. Then you can advertise your products, schedule your product tweets and set delivery times and Boxrockit takes care of the rest. But Boxrockit's influence doesn't end there as you can then keep an eye on your sales aand orders and download your product history so that you are kept in the loop as to who buys what when.

Well in one foul swoop Boxrockit gives you the potential to take Twitter sales to a new level. This innovative Twitter tool that specializes in the more creative and artistic amongst us allows the user to market, sell and track their downloadable digital products easily on Twitter with great efficiency and little fuss. In these troubled times when it's getting harder and harder to sell your treasured digital stuff so another outlet with the power to market and sell is most welcome. What's more, it's an easy app to use and it's free for up to three products with an upgrade available for just US$15.

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