Developer description

‘Boy Loves Girl’ enters the Games Center with lots of love. The ultimate amorous game that sets hearts racing and love-birds singing is available in the App Store now on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! New and updated ‘Boy Loves Girl’ now has Game Center support and is fully compatible with all iDevices. Players are now romantically rewarded with Game Center achievements and can compare and share their pretty progress online with friends and loved-ones! ‘Boy Loves Girl’ has new and improved compatibility; it now works on all iDevices from the latest iPhone and iPads to first generation iPod touches. In ‘Boy Loves Girl’ Boy needs your skills as he embarks on a journey of love in his pursuit to capture the heart of the girl of his dreams. Help him walk through foreign lands to the end of the world and beyond to find the most perfect gift for the difficult to pursue girl. Prepare to have a tender touch to traverse threatening clouds, travel tough terrain, catch cute animals and cautiously carry the moon on a string! Travel seven delightfully difficult worlds, complete over 50 lovely levels, finish more than 100 fascinating challenges, win lots of wonderful bonuses and collect millions of smiles!

Last updated 16 Feb 2012

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