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Published 28 Oct 2011

If you’ve finally written that book then congratulations, you’ve done the really hard work. The baby you’ve been nurturing for months however now needs to see the light of day and for that you’re going to need a publisher.

BP Wiz is not a publisher but it can certainly help you find one in a professional manner and in the way the industry expects. It could also save you a lot of time and paper by stopping you using the scatter gun approach and firing off manuscripts to all and sundry when half of them might not even deal in the type of book that you lovingly put your heart into. Those rejection letters can be soul destroying.

There are two packages you can choose from with the basic application a free one. This takes you through a step by step book proposal writing process that will result in a document acceptable to book most publishers. As you complete each section, such as synopsis and target audience, they are ticked off before moving on to the next. There are also real life examples to give you inspiration along with formatting tips.

Once you’ve completed all of the stages and are happy with your proposal you can download in as a word document and do as you please with it. If however you want go further and take advantage of the ˈpublisher search and submissionˈ function then you can for $19.99 a month.

Your dollars will give you access to a database of publishers with notes on the type of book they’ll consider and how they like proposals to be delivered. Where digital copies are accepted you’ll be able to email your masterpiece immediately.

A final word on the cost as $19.99 a month might seem a little steep when you only have one book to publish. There are no long-term contracts required and so you can use it for as long as you need or until a publisher accepts your potential best seller.

I like the idea of this especially for those first time authors who might otherwise get lost in the scary jungle. The other option is even more scary of course and it involves an agent!

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