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Editor's review

Published 23 Dec 2011

This one looks like an awful lot of work for just a trophy badge and the chance of a $20 gift card now and then but it has only just emerged from private beta so we’ll put the acid filled pen away……for now. The concept is based on the perception that people who find an amazing deal somewhere will not be able to stop themselves from spreading the news. I agree to a point but it does fall down somewhere in my opinion. I am all for spreading the news of discounted food or gas as it is a charitable thing to do. However, if I happen upon a pair of stunning Italian shoes going for silly money the last thing I want is for all of my chums to turn up at the party wearing the same beauties!

Anyway that’s the slight flaw so if you have the time and inclination imagine it’s like something in between Twitter and Facebook where you sign up and then start posting the details of the amazing deals you’ve found.

You can follow other Brag Taggers and be followed yourself of course. You can also ˈlikeˈ any posts and it is this aspect that you really need to encourage your friends to do if you want to get your hands on a worthless trophy to add to your profile page. To get your hands on the $20 gift card, which is awarded each week, you’ll have to post the most popular deal.

The site blurb does say that it is working on partnerships with other retailers in order to make the reward feature more sexy and if it succeeds then it might gain in popularity.


I’m afraid I’d be far too busy polishing my shoes to bother telling the world and his wife about where I blagged them from!


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