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Developer description

"Awesome puzzle game! - Wow! Waaaay more addictive than most puzzle games. Starts off simple & rapidly gets tough. This game is like potato chips - impossible to have just 1. Very well done. Might be cool (i.e. stressful) to add a timed version - Big Goose Egg Mobile Gaming"

★ Top 10 Music game in the US!! ★
★ Top 20 Trivia game in the US!! ★

Can you make it through the entire Brain Drain Tap Puzzle Game? There are ONLY 18 unique levels included - sounds easy right? Then give it a try - We DARE You! ;)


"Brain Drain Tap Puzzle Game is well-worth its less than one dollar price tag considering the replay value packed into it. It’s well-designed and off to a great start. If you love logic puzzles, I recommend adding this one to the gaming library. -"

"My favorite puzzle - Super challenging and I haven't seen anything like it so far! Great app!!! - MaxHoldings"

"Sometimes the simple is deceptive. Very Cool. -"

Last updated 3 Jul 2013