Developer description

Brain Juice aims to improve productivity levels by bringing you into your "zone" or "flow" whenever you chose to. Brain Juice works by directly tuning up your brain so as to improve your cognition and focus levels.

We all have to face huge loads of work everyday, be it the school homework or the office assignment. With all of this work, it is more than easy to grasp the idea that we will digress, procrastinate or even get frustrated by the amount of work we have to do. This behavior of procrastination, anxiety, frustration is consistent every time we have to face a huge pile of work. Now it is no hidden fact that these mental blocks can hurt your productivity and get you in a lot of trouble.

Well, Brain Juice was designed to step in, into this mess and clear it up at once. Brain Juice steers you away from procrastination, fear, etc. and changes you brain's gears so as to get it working at its optimum level.

Brain Juice is different from all other productivity/focus apps because it is based on strong scientific principles. Brain Juice will always, not matter how bored or sleepy you are, tune up your brain to get it working!

Brain Juice does all of this by using two very cool scientific techniques:
1) Coherent Breathing
2) Brain Wave Entrainment

One more thing that sets Brain Juice apart from all other apps is that using Brain Juice takes just 15 minutes is as easy as listening to music ( No kidding here ).You could even be sitting on a dinosaur and even then you could easily use Brain Juice.

With its strong scientific basis, easy usability, and versatility, Brain Juice can prove to be the best addition to your workday arsenal.

Last updated 27 Oct 2014

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