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Published 12 Jun 2019

It's a sad thing to report but it's probably easier to sell a bad product in great packaging than it is to sell a good product in bad. We, as a race, are immediately drawn to a well-designed package with the right name, color scheme and wording attached to it than we are to a white box with little on no design characteristics to grab our attention as it sits on a supermarket shelf. That's why companies often spend as much time and money on the development of a name and package design as they do on the product itself. And, in some cases, we're talking thousands and thousands of dollars here. That's all very well for the big companies with plenty of cash to splash but what about the small ones. In a lot of cases they end up doing it themselves. 

So, it's with great pleasure that I report on a new web-based branding app here that will save small businesses a ton of cash and plenty of time. Branding Compass gives you all the benefits of a good branding company without the same outlay of cash. For under one hundred bucks and using just an hour or so of your time you get your very own branding company to help you work out everything from the right wording, the most effective fonts, the perfect color scheme and the best visuals to sell your company or your product to the world...