Developer description

BrandLists as the name suggest is a comprehensive Brand database of hundreds of thousands of brands. Looking to buy wall clock or wall mirror? What are the best popular brands available? BrandLists is your answer. The database includes categorized list of brands for various consumer products. You can also find many brands with their official websites, social media info, details and much more.

As a consumer, there are hundreds of options available today when you go out to buy almost anything. Brandlist's curated lists help you solve your dilemma by suggestions where to look for or what to look for. In other words, you can stay focused on the right products and disable the noise of marketers.

The website is currently offering curated lists for nearly thirty thousand topics. It covers four regions and our automated algorithm scanned nearly 15 million products to collect the data on the best brands. We're improving every day and planning to offer four more languages in near future.

Anyone from shopping enthusiasts to buyers looking to buy the right platform can use the free platform. Simply search for any topic and get recommendations about the best brands available for your shopping be it online or offline. What is more, The web based app also suggests the best available products for each topic.

That platform rely on unbiased open data available on Internet as well as proprietary algorithm to collect the list of best brands. So you can rest assured and rely on our unbiased suggestions for your next purchase.

Last updated 17 Aug 2021

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