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Brandmask is a place where you can mark the brands you like in various fields. After that you ... More

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Published 19 Feb 2012

There are endless ways of advertising your product on Facebook. There seems to be another innovation every couple of months and BrandMask certainly throws it's keys onto the table with this social Facebook advertising application. Brandmask is a free application where you can mark the brands you like in various fields then the social side kicks in and you can find people who think similarly and receive special offers from the relevant brands.
BrandMask is a fascinating new kind of social advertising application for Facebook. The general idea is to go there create your own "Brand-Profile" and mark a combination of your favorite brands that appeal to you whatever they may be. After that you can find people who have similar views and tastes in their own "Brand-Profiles" and consequently receive news and special offers from your favorite brands. The main feature of BrandMask is the opportunity to find  'Brand Mates" who have at least three common interests with you and to get offers from all brands you like all in the one place.  Each brand you add yourself  brings you more Brand Mates and you can browse their BrandProfiles and contact them via Facebook.If you are interested in the glitterati you can also view various "Brand-Profiles" from some of the famous people of the world for you to compare yourself with. You can rise your brand score to become a Brand Captain and take part in unique events for your favorite brand's other fans...