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Published 14 Nov 2011

Do you look at other companies' expensive design projects and wish they were available to your company too? Basically, they are just too expensive for a smaller company to afford. Or are they? BrandNinjas is a team of experienced and very professional graphic designers who have got together to form the business design and contest tool BrandNinjas and deliver quality design work at an affordable price. is the brainchild of professional graphic designers who have honed their craft within design firms and ad agencies and build brands for companies large, small and in between. The launch of BrandNinjas own website provides a platform for business owners and managers to access some of the greatest design minds in the world for an affordable price. They provide logo, brochure, collateral, stationary, package, font, website, advert and signage design. Whereas other traditional ad agencies and design firms take several weeks to build concepts BrandNinjas often deliver designs within hours. You submit the request, they launch the project, the designers
begin to output their product, you fine tune and then all you have to do is choose a winner. Then you can move on to the next piece of your brand.  BrandNinja has created a marketplace that draws the world's most tal-
ented designers. Their recognition based model inspires greatness by creating incentive to achieve. Designers are rewarded by both a monetary basis and a status basis. Clients create contests where artists compete to win one of three medals...