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Published 7 Sep 2014

There was a hilarious moment at the FIFA World Cup in Germany in 2006 when thousands of Dutch football supporters were forced to remove their garish orange trousers and watch their team's game with the Ivory Coast in their underpants. It wasn't the German fashion police that caused supporters such embarrassment - even though they would have been well within their rights to do so. The fact is, the trousers were emblazoned with the advertising logo of a beer company named Bavaria, while the competition was sponsored by Budweiser. The monitoring FIFA officials ruled it a serious case of 'ambush marketing' and the Dutch supporters were forced to either abandon their trousers or be ejected from the stadium. These days, brand protection is vital to protect the rights of the advertiser's product and not all cases of illegal advertising are quite as easy to spot as a pair of orange trousers. Brandshield is a comprehensive online monitoring application for businesses of all sizes that ensures that no one takes advantage of your product or brand name.
BrandShield was created by professionals in the brand protection and trademark protection industry with a goal of bringing affordable, strong and ground-breaking technology to empower companies and organizations to manage their brands online and protect them from the many threats that exist on the Internet. BrandShield is a cost-effective application for branding and legal advisers and offers full compatibility in combating online counterfeiting and cyber thieves who can exploit your brand...