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Published 2 Nov 2011

One dictionary definition of the word brazen is shameless! Another one of course is bold and I suppose they both sum up the attitude of young ambitious high flyers clambering over each other as they jostle for a position on the ladder.

This website lets them big themselves up to a very wide audience in a virtual manner which I suppose means they can be even more brazen. Of course it also has uses for any business that happens to be hiring as all sorts of events can be organized in the same virtual manner cutting out the cost of hiring physical venues.

The site acts as both a recruitment and networking platform for young achievers and offers several functions to help improve chances and build a list of useful contacts.

Virtual recruiting events can be hosted by businesses looking for new talent and advertised across the site. Job hunters upload a resume and supply other useful information such as a link to their linkedin profile. The event itself is described as something akin to virtual speed dating where hirer and job hunter get five minutes to "chat" before the shutters come down.

There are a number of testimonials on the site extolling the virtues of the method so five minutes on either end of a keyboard can obviously get some sort of message across.

The other virtual activity available is aptly named network roulette and is even more like speed dating. These events can be organized so that they attract people from certain areas or cities who log in and are automatically matched to someone else. After five minutes the conversation ends and users move on to the next randomly chosen participant who will hopefully become a very useful contact on their march to the top.

Apart from these interactive functions the site also provides useful articles and a blog page where experience and expertise can be shared, all in all a pretty comprehensive package for those striving for the top.

Network with your peers and get interviewed by hirers all without the need to get out of your armchair, shave or put on a suit. Appearances can be deceiving though so perhaps that’s a good thing!

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